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You should know a little bit about me, but first let's talk about the 'others':

About others

Please do not compare me directly with the myriad of cue 'sales' websites and various claims of 'experts' or offers of 'top quality/best value' etc., etc..

Don't get me wrong, there are some legitimate, honest traders out there, but please be aware that some things are not what they are dressed up to be. The majority are merely drop shippers who hold no stock, never even see the cues they sell you, and to be perfectly honest, do not have a clue what is or isn't a good cue.

Nobody can deny the importance of 'shopping around'. We all have a budget and you would be foolish not to check as many places as possible, comparing products to get the best price. But be very careful that you are comparing like for like products, because a hand made cue for £100 somewhere online will NOT be the same quality as a genuine Mike Wooldridge cue. Not even close. If you don't already know this, trust me, you will find out one day.

A good cue is worth it's weight in gold. It will serve you a lifetime if you look after it, and will help you play the game to the best of your ability. But if you do not know what you are looking for, you may make an unwise purchase, and that 'bargain' cue you bought, or are about to buy, may quickly find it's way to the bin and you'll be back searching for a new one next year...

Remember this proverb:

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has gone"


About me

I started playing snooker and pool long before I started making cues. As a seasoned century break player, I knew exactly what was needed to make a good cue. One that not only looks superb but, more importantly, 'feels' right.

One day I started 'making' cues. Nobody taught me, I had to think outside of the box and find my own ways of doing things. But I knew what the end result should be, and through years of hard work and determination, I gained respect the World over for making the best cues money can buy.

I am not just a random businessman who bought some machines, turned them on, and watched cues fall out the other end. And I never bought a domain name, commissioned some third party to design an online shop, and then fill it with whatever goods I could lay my hands on, often simply taking orders then drop shipping a product I've never even seen.

I know my business, and I care about what I do and the people I deal with. I was a player first, then I became a cue maker. No machines, and no amount of money can buy what I know. I make cues because I love making cues, and there is nobody better.

If you deal with me, you will quickly realise you are dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about, and fully understands what you want. Because I was once a player. Just like you...