Cue Towel

***New & Improved***

Cue towels/cloths are a good idea because they encourage you to keep your cue clean. They're not essential of course, but handy nevertheless.

However, 'normal' cue towels are a bit too thick to fit inside a case, and you'll often see players with cloths/towels tied to the outside of their case because they simply won't fit inside. So I decided to make better ones.

Super soft and much thinner than those boring old bar/golf type towels and, of course, they look good. Well I think so anyway...

Key Features

  • Very soft - Luxurious feel
  • Folds up very small - Fits in a case easily
  • Unique design - Carry it with pride


Get everything you need to keep your cue in the best playing condition with the *NEW* MW Cue Care Kit


  • Blue - Maroon
  • 50 cm x 30 cm