Hand Spliced Butts


  • Ebony is used for the butt on most cues and is usually black right through, but may occasionally have small colour variations. No dyes or 'fault covering' lacquers are used to hide the natural features of this beautiful and wonderful feeling wood


  • Exotic timbersĀ are bought in bulk and carefully cut to produce the nicest pieces. It's expensive and a lot gets wasted...


  • Butts woods are individually hand spliced onto the shaft to the very highest levels of craftsmanship for an unbeatable look and feel


  • Great care is taken to ensure the splice points, both top and bottom, are even. A skill in itself, and a feature that sets these cues apart from many others

  • Butt splices are shaped by hand plane before final sizing with a hand scraper, and heavy sanding work to a finish