How Much

When you first look for a new cue, you may be surprised at the difference in price from various makers/retailers.


There are very good reasons why a decent cue will cost you more than a cheap one:

  1. It's made better.
  2. The cost to produce it is higher.
  3. It will last longer.
  4. It will 'feel' better.

There are exceptions though, and you should be careful not to fall for the sales pitch of some companies.

Hopefully, the advice on this website will help you avoid those pitfalls.


  • Do not make your cue purchase solely on price.
  • When comparing prices, make sure you are comparing like for like. Do not be fooled by fancy pictures or endorsements.
  • Of course it is important to stick to a budget, and of course it is wise to shop around for the best price. But also remember that you want the best price for the same, or better, quality.
  • Ultimately, what you really want, is the best cue for you. Which is usually not the cheapest...

Food for thought:

"A fool knows the cost of everything, yet the value of nothing"