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Product Description

The Vintage Cue (vin-tij)

Built to the same highest standards as the Legend cue but with an additional Burrwood front splice.

A truly elegant looking cue.





  • Professional quality Ash or Maple shaft
  • Ebony butt + Burrwood front splice
  • Perfectly made - Even points top and bottom
  • Traditional oil finish for super smooth cueing
  • Naturally weighted and balanced for superior performance
  • BlackSpin or new BullsEye brass ferrule
  • F1 Rapid Joint - fitted as standard to all jointed cues

Custom Options

  • Customize to your preferred sizes - Free of Charge
  • Add Personal Nameplate

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NOTE - All sizes are approximate as final finishing may lead to very small, negligible differences. But those quoted can be relied on and are accurate to within a very tight tolerance.

Additional Information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 150 x 5 x 5 cm
Cue Type

One Piece Cue – Recommended, Butt Joint @12″, Centre Joint


Ash – Recommmended, Maple

Shaft Flex

Mid Flex – Medium Spring – Recommended, Low Flex – Less Spring, More Stiff, High Flex – More Spring, Lowest Deflection

Cue Length

59, 58.75, 58.5, 58.25, 58, 57.75, 57.5, 57.25, 57, 56.75, 56.5, 56.25, 56, 55.75, 55.5, 55.25, 55, 54.75, 54.5, 54.25, 54

Tip Size

11mm, 10.75mm, 10.5mm, 10.25mm, 10mm, 9.75mm, 9.5mm, 9.25mm, 9mm, 8.75mm, 8.5mm, 8.25mm, 8mm

Butt Size

30mm, 29.75mm, 29.5mm, 29.25mm, 29mm, 28.75mm, 28.5mm, 28.25mm, 28mm, 27.75mm, 27.5mm

Cue Weight

16oz, 16.5oz, 17oz, 17.5oz, 18oz, 18.5oz, 19oz, 19.5oz, 20oz, 20.5oz, 21oz


BlackSpin, BullsEye

Butt Shape

Traditional – With Flat Shape, Round Butt – No Flat

Cue Bottom

No Joint – Capped & Shaped, F1 Joint


Standard, Personalised Nameplate Please



    Having bought a 2007 legend model 2nd hand some time ago i decided to get one in my spec. Due to cost i have been putting it off for years, wish i had done it years ago! Pay for what you get. Everything i specified Mike made good on. The shaft is top draw.... many arrows. And mike calls this his standard shaft. Definately dont wait for parris ultimates while this guy is making master pieces at cheaper cost. The cue was done and delivered in 6 weeks. Mike isnt one for chit chat over emails but be patient... once your order is submitted it takes no time at all to recieve it. He will reply to changes in order just dont except step by step updates. Hes a busy guy. Plus cue will take longer. If you want the best look no further. Excellent service mike. Many thanks. Cue feels awsome! Extremely happy.!!!


    I have received this cue yesterday, I tried it for the first time. Its a fantastic cue. I really recommend it. Its full of power, solid, good balance and the finishing is superb.


    Dear mike,I received my new 34 vintage ash cue last Thursday. It is an amazing cue and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is an absolute masterpiece. Your craftsmanship is second to none. I had my first game with it on Saturday and although I will have to get used to it,it has a great feel to it and has lots of power for screw Shots etc. It is like a hot knife through butter. Thank you so much mike and good luck with your business. Take care. Glenn.


    i ordered my Vintage on 18/12 and it was ready to ship on 24/12. I only just received my cue and extensions a few days ago as my order was delayed due to Christmas/New Year holidays and an issue with the cue case Mike eventually got me (case issue was beyond Mike’s control). The cue looks and feels fantastic. The burr wood front splice is stunning and pictures of it don't do it justice. I have to agree with Mike that the burr wood does not need a veneer to make it look better… it looks perfect as is. I've only had a chance to play two frames with it so far. How did it play? Terribly! Or at least I did. First half of first frame I was missing everything, including some very easy shots, or screwed up my safety shots. I was either hitting the ball too hard or soft. I was also gripping the cue differently to what I'm used to (flat of butt pointing up instead of away from my body) and kept forgetting the new grip and I'd end up back to my old style, so my grip was all over the place. I have no doubt a little practice and a few more frames will get this sorted out. Just a matter of me getting used to the cue. (I played much better in second half of first frame onwards so I know this is the case). I wanted to try out the extensions but, as Murphy would have it, I only had an opportunity to use the short extension twice. What a difference it made. (I’ve never used an extension before). It meant I didn’t have to overreach using cue/normal rest or have to use the crappy long cue/rest my mate has on his table. It integrates so well with the cue and I’m sure the long extension will too. Mike was fantastic to deal with pre- and post-order and promptly answered my numerous newbie questions patiently and helpfully. Thank you so much Mike. I am a very satisfied customer. Cheers Michael


    I have played with my Vintage a couple of times and boy, I've never felt so much in control of the cue ball! The cue is pure quality and to be honest I never thought a cue would improve my game to a great extent. But, Mike has proved me wrong as this masterpeice has changed my snooker completely. Anyone consider buying a MW cue should stop hesitating and place an order right away. You won't be disappointed! Thank you Mike for providing cues that are simply TOP NOTCH!

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