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Product Description

Black Legend (lej-uh'nd)

The highest quality hand spliced cue available in the World today.

Hand made and hand finished to the highest possible standards.

Unbeatable in terms of quality and playability.






  • Professional quality Ash or Maple shaft
  • Hand spliced Ebony butt
  • Perfectly made - Even points top and bottom
  • Traditional oil finish for super smooth cueing
  • Naturally weighted and balanced for superior performance
  • 18"-20" total butt length
  • BlackSpin or Brass ferrule
  • F1 Rapid Joint - fitted as standard to all jointed cues

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  • Customize to your preferred sizes - Free of Charge
  • Add Personal Nameplate

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NOTE -Β All sizes are approximate as final finishing may lead to very small, negligible differences. But those quoted can be relied on and are accurate to within a very tight tolerance.

Additional Information

Cue Type

One Piece Cue – Recommended, Butt Joint @12″, Centre Joint


Ash – Recommmended, Maple

Shaft Flex

Mid Flex – Medium Spring – Recommended, Low Flex – Less Spring, More Stiff, High Flex – More Spring, Lowest Deflection

Cue Length

59, 58.75, 58.5, 58.25, 58, 57.75, 57.5, 57.25, 57, 56.75, 56.5, 56.25, 56, 55.75, 55.5, 55.25, 55, 54.75, 54.5, 54.25, 54

Tip Size

11mm, 10.75mm, 10.5mm, 10.25mm, 10mm, 9.75mm, 9.5mm, 9.25mm, 9mm, 8.75mm, 8.5mm, 8.25mm, 8mm

Butt Size

30mm, 29.75mm, 29.5mm, 29.25mm, 29mm, 28.75mm, 28.5mm, 28.25mm, 28mm, 27.75mm, 27.5mm

Cue Weight

16oz, 16.5oz, 17oz, 17.5oz, 18oz, 18.5oz, 19oz, 19.5oz, 20oz, 20.5oz, 21oz


BlackSpin, Brass

Butt Shape

Traditional – With Flat Shape, Round Butt – No Flat

Cue Bottom

No Joint – Capped & Shaped, F1 Joint


Standard MW Black, Personalised Nameplate Please


    – :

    Cue arrived yesterday, played many frames, find it very well balanced, very comfortable with it. Cue is very well finished, smoothest ultra shine, splicing joint very even and balance. Feel very confident for all types of shots. Stiffness and flex is what I wanted, nothing to complain about !! This product is very high standard!! The best so far I had played !!

    – :

    My 11mm 58\" 20 oz 30mm round butt Legend pool cue (for USA sized balls) arrived at 4pm a week last Tuesday after 8 weeks from ordering. I spent around 10 minutes polishing the cue as it arrived oiled and I then played solidly against a friend until 1am and I have to say I couldn\'t put it down, I love playing with this cue so much! Apart from the tip being 1.5mm bigger than the cue I had been playing with, it felt nearly the same as my snooker cue but it didn\'t take long for me to get used to the feel of the slightly thicker shaft and bigger tip both which helps for me with better cue ball control. This is my 3rd cue from Mike and once again you have made me a perfect playing stick and I think I have received a better cue in less time than some of the other \"top handmade cuemakers\" in the world! I saw a cue of yours for sale on a snooker forum, the seller claiming \'I can\'t get on with this cue\' and I thought \'that\'s bollocks\' because I find your cues the easiest to \'get on with\' and \'get used to\' than any other cue I have tried in a shop or ever played with. There is another on ebay \'I don\'t like the chevrons\' Really?!! If anyone is cautious about buying a cue without trying it first then I am confident in saying if you buy one of Mike\'s cues made to your specs it will feel right straight from the off. Everything about my cue is perfect and after playing with it for two weeks I can honestly say I own one of the best cues in the world! Thank you very much Mike!

    – :

    Had the cue 2 weeks. The cue feels very balanced with a great feel. The black spin tip should be too hard for me as I like playing with a slightly softer Elkmaster but it feels good. The amount of power the cue delivers will take a bit of getting used to as I am getting sooo much action. The only thing that I didn\'t like was the cue felt a little sticky against my bridge when delivered but a couple of wipes with a slightly damp cloth sorted that out. 3 months delivery time but worth the wait. Thanks Mike.

    – :

    Simply the BEST CUE EVER had! Many thanks to you Mike!

    – :

    Ian Just got back my old Hunt & O\'Byrne Whitch mike as just done a brilliant job Making it look and feel new again , cheers mike

    – :

    Mike made a Legend cue for me around 3 years ago just before I left the UK for ever to move to California and all I asked for was a 10mm Blackspin and blackspin tip and the weight at 21oz. Mike thought the tip size a bit small for American pool bu I have found it just right for me as I have always played with a 10mm tip. The cue felt so natural straight away and I can play shots with running or check side with virtually no deflection. I can play with massive amounts of side if I need to whereas before I would have to adjust my aim to compensate and often miss the shot. I love playing with this cue so much and it has helped me achieve APA MVP in the 4-5 level in one of the Summer \'16 San Diego 9 ball leagues. I\'m a happy bunny, Thanks Mike!

    – :

    Once i got my cue it\'s worth every effort mike has put into the cue .... for sure i would order a repeat cue from him as a back up soon!!!!!!

    – :

    Once i got my cue it\'s worth every effort mike has put into the cue .... for sure i would order a repeat cue from him as a back up soon!!!!!!

    – :

    Buy NOW if Mike agrees to make you one, these cues WILL beat your John Parris, Trevor White, Kevin Deroo cues by a country mile. I've had one of these exactly a year ago, the cue was delivered in less then a month (I live in Canada) as I've wrote Mike a personal email explaining how much I wanted a cue made by him and YES, Mike makes the cues by himself, he is not like John Parris (who only 'inspect' the cues made by his workers, few of my friends waited for 2 years only to get a cue from JP and returned them as they were not really playable), not like Kevin Deroo (who would charge you a premium for his 'SELECT' maple wood). Mike wrote me back the second day asking me how soon I needed one. I told him I don't really care how soon, just needed a good cue. He made me one in a month ! When the cue arrived, lord it was the best thing. Perfectly balanced, superb finish, impressive yet not excessive cue power along with the MW super tip. Holds and feels like part of my arm. It hits the cue ball with a very solid feel while still transmitting all the useful information right back to the grip hand, it is just so much easier to control the cue ball with this cue. Many of my friends tried it and they were all telling the same. This is no doubt the best thing money can buy if you're a keen snooker player or a cue collector. I already wrote Mike another email asking for another cue. Someday he may decide to retire you know ?

    – :

    Wow what a cue, I have owned this now for 9 months and this is my best cue ever. This cue gives me an unfair advantage against others and I love it. buy one you will never regret it !!! mike you are the best thank you so much

    – :

    This is my best cue from today ! "feel"is great ! Thank you !

    – :

    It's amazing that I can receive my order in 10 days. It's not only fast, but also in top quality. All the details including balance point are made to what requested without any deviation. Thank you very much Mike.

    – :

    Well, what can I say? It is the best cue I have ever played with. ItΒ΄s the balance of the cue that surprised me the most. It really makes playing much more comfortable and enjoyable. And delivery in week and a half, superfast! CanΒ΄t thank you enough Mike!

    – :

    Just received my Black Legend ash cue from Mike Wooldridge and i have to say the feel and quality is second to none. Over the last few months i have tried all sorts of cues and must say that the Legend cue from mike is the best I've had ...The service from Mike has been spot on too.... Many many thanks again Mike Wooldridge MIlan Krstanovic

    – :

    Went down the club today with my new maple legend cue and I've never felt a cue like it first class worksman ship very very fast fantastic communication best cue maker in the world thanks mike

    – :

    Received today! 57.75" 9.25mm tip & 29mm butt. Looks and feels very nice! Shipped in under two weeks! Cheers! Looking forward to playing with it!

    – :

    Mike, thanks for deliver the cue to me so soon ,as promised. I have to tell you I LOVE it so much, the power of it is great and is really smooth like silk. A few of my fds at the club try it out and they love it too. I should have get one of yours sooner instead of just looking at your web starting from 2009. If you tried Mike's cue you will know what you want. I purchased a black legend, for that money looks expansive but now I say is totally worth the money.

    – :

    This cue is worth every penny. The spin it generates is just amazing. The craftsmanship incredible. The belance is simply perfect and finish is smooth as silk. If you are still not sure, just buy it as long as they are available. You won't regret it. Mike is surly one of the best cue makers around and his upgrades like Black-spin and F1 are really great. Big Thanks to Mike and Team for this wonderful cue, it really improved my skills and positional play.

    – :

    I've played this cue and feel nice. This cue is splendid. Thank you Mike.

    – :

    I've played this cue and feel nice. This cue is splendid. Thank you Mike. Date Added: 22/10/2012 by Motohiko Takahashi

    – :

    i spent a long time pondering whether to order one of these cues after chopping and changing cues many times. All I can say is it has been money very well spent and wish I'd taken the plunge earlier! If anyone is in two minds about placing an order, my suggestion would be to go for it! Not only is the cue superb but customer service and communication was very good too. Thanks Mike & Team!

    – :

    The best cue I ever had, love the feeling, finishing and splicing is perfect. "The Legend (lej-uh'nd) - The original, and still the best"

    – :

    For my boyfriend's birthday, I chose to buy him a cue to replace the one he has had for 10 years (which as every cue enthusiasts know is a warning sign if you have a girlfriend who's not sure what you want!). As I wanted a cue which would stand the test of time, I thought Mike's Legend is the way to go: it is as classic as a black tuxedo. Mike has been the absolute best in dealing with me, and when the cue arrives, it is spot on and it plays superb! He wanted a light cue, but this cue also has got so much power to it. His friends were amazed that I could find something so which plays so perfect without trying it first, but that's what you get for trusting Mike. There is absolutely no fault in the cue, visually or play-wise. His new joints are very well designed, and the shaft and finish is great. It is true what he claims, "what you get you will not want to return." Dare I also say that the value for this cue is much greater than its price?

    – :

    Buy one NOW if they're in stock. These cues are not good, not excellent, not superb, they're perfect!! I'm no stranger to a good cue. I've had quite a few older Parris and a Trevor White amongst others and this is the best cue I've ever owned. It looks stunning, it feels even better if that's possible and the finish is absolutely outstanding. Buy one without a moment's hesitation, you'll never find a better cue!!

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