Cue Oil


Q: How do you keep your cue in the best condition?

A: MW Liquid Gold Cue Oil!

If you want to reproduce an authentic aged look and silky feel, then this is the product you need.

Let's be clear about something - you can use many oils/waxes/potions on your cue, and if you're happy with the result then that's fine.

However, this unique oil is my own secret recipe and each bottle now contains 50% more product which will last a very long time if used solely as a maintenance oil, but will also provide enough to treat several new build or completely refinished cues.

Don't ask what's in it because I won't tell you...


  • Unique 'secret' formula
  • Feeds and protects the cue
  • Builds natural shine
  • Easy to use


Get everything you need to keep your cue in the best playing condition with the *NEW* MW Cue Care Kit


  • Use as a maintenance for previously oil finished cues
  • Use as a finish for new cues, or over bare wood if you have sanded all the old finish off your cue
  • Do not use on lacquered or varnished cues. It is a waste of time because it cannot soak into the wood and work properly


  1. Wear gloves, or at least avoid skin contact. It will get sticky so it's best to keep it off your skin or clean it off immediately with suitable solvent based spirit or specialist cleaners. Do not use water!
  2. Apply liberally over the whole cue, shaft and butt, rubbing well into the grain
  3. Use plenty of oil and make sure the wood is saturated all over
  4. Leave for 30 minutes to soak into the cue then wipe off all the excess oil with a soft cloth or paper towel
  5. IMPORTANT - Do not leave any excess oil on the cue or it may be very difficult to remove later
  6. Leave to fully dry for a few hours, preferably overnight
  7. Buff with a clean soft cloth and repeat the oiling process. 2-3 oil treatments will probably be enough, but do it as many times as you feel the cue needs it.When the oils stops soaking into the cue then you know it is pretty much 'full up'
  8. Continue buffing regularly during play to keep it clean and maximise the shine

Although not essential, I recommend using ultra fine 0000 grade steel wool to rub your cue after it is fully dry. This 'secret' step will make the cue feel super smooth in your hands and help develop the shine quicker. You can also re-oil straight after this if you feel the cue needs it.

Initially, the cue may not be as shiny as you want, but after a few weeks of regular buffing with a cue towel or other soft cloth, the oil finish will mature, harden, and develop a deep and natural shine.


  • You cannot harm a cue by over-oiling.
  • Repeat as often as you want as the wood will only take what it needs.


Please do not forget to remove any excess oil as it may dry on the cue surface and leave a sticky hard mess that is difficult to remove. Better to build the finish slowly over time using thin coats.