*NEW* MW Q-Gel




Product Description

*NEW* MW Q-Gel

If you want to reproduce an authentic aged look and silky feel, this is the product you need.

A unique, oil rich formula, blended to a gel for ease of use and outstanding performance.

Based on my original Liquid Gold Cue Oil, this feeds the wood and builds a natural finish that preserves and protects.

Works quicker and better than oil alone making it a game changer that knocks it out of the park for ease of use and quality of finish.

MW Q-Gel

The BEST Finishing/Maintenance Product Available


  • Unique secret formula
  • Feeds and protects the cue
  • Builds a natural shine over time
  • Very easy to use
  • Organic 100% natural ingredients


  • MW Q-Gel - For general cue finishing and maintenance
  • Not just for cues, can be used on any wood anywhere
  • Use as a maintenance for previously oil finished cues
  • Use as a finish for new cues, or over bare wood if you have sanded all the old finish off your cue
  • Will last a long time if used solely for maintenance, but will also provide enough to treat several new build or completely refinished cues
  • Do Not use on lacquered or varnished cues because it cannot soak into the wood and work properly


  1. Wear gloves, or at least avoid skin contact. It will get sticky so it's best to keep it off your skin or clean immediately with suitable solvent based spirit or specialist cleaners. Do not use water!
  2. Apply generously with a clean cloth - Rub well into the grain
  3. Leave for a few minutes - Wipe off all the excess with a clean cloth or paper towel
  4. Leave to dry - Preferably overnight, but can be used almost straight away if you’re in a rush
  5. Buff with a clean cloth
  6. Continue buffing regularly during play to keep the cue clean and help develop a natural shine


  • Do Not leave any excess Q-Gel on the cue as it may be difficult to remove later
  • Better to build the finish slowly over time using thin coats that have been allowed to dry/cure thoroughly


  • You cannot harm a cue by using too much Q-Gel
  • Repeat as often as you want as the wood will only take what it needs

Although not essential, I recommend using ultra fine 0000 grade steel wool to rub your cue after it is fully dry. This 'secret' step will make the cue feel super smooth in your hands and help develop the shine quicker. You can also re-apply Q-Gel straight after this if the wood feels 'dry' or unsealed in any areas.

Initially, the cue may not be as shiny as you want, but after a few weeks of regular buffing with a cue towel or other soft cloth, the oil finish will mature, harden, and develop a deep and natural shine.

Alternatively, if you want an instant, deeper shine, you can apply MW Q-Lac.


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    Tried it on my new JPU ... smooth and shiny finish ... the only thing left is to see how long will this last .


    Excellent product, simple to use and leaves a silky smooth finish.


    Really smooth finish. Much nicer to use than linseed oil. The condition of my cue is very important to me and, despite my best efforts, after many years of use for several hours a day it was looking a bit sad. I ordered Q Gel along with Q Laq and Q Age and with very little effort, my cue looks better than when I bought it.. Thanks Mike.


    Fantastic product, great finish. I used this with the Q Lac and my cue looks better than when new.


    Applied this on my wooldrige cue; what a brilliant finish so easy to use. I’m really impressed.well done mike on a great product.

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