* NEW* MW Q-Lac

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Product Description

*NEW* MW Q-Lac

High Gloss Final Finish

A secret recipe of all natural resins that will produce an instant deep shine on any cue or wood surface that has been prepared correctly.

It has been developed as an additional final step in finishing a cue butt (or any wood) that has been oil finished, although it will also work over any other properly finished surface.

Primarily developed for cue butts, it also seals and protects so can be used on the shaft, or any wood, after applying MW Q-Gel.

Used sparingly, this will produce a high gloss shine in just few seconds.

MW Q-Lac

Instant ‘UltraShine’ made easy


  • Instant high gloss shine
  • Unique secret formula
  • Simple application
  • Super quick results
  • Organic 100% natural ingredients


  • MW Q-Lac - Designed for high gloss finish on cue butts
  • Can also be used on shafts but only use a tiny bit at a time or it may feel sticky. Used correctly, it will be very smooth.
  • Wood must be correctly sanded and treated with MW Q-Gel before use.
  • Can also be used on lacquered or varnished cues to enhance existing shine.


  1. Wear gloves, or at least avoid skin contact. It will get sticky so it's best to keep it off your skin or clean immediately with suitable solvent based spirit or specialist cleaners. Do not use water!
  2. Wrap a small piece of clean cloth around your finger and lightly touch/rub the top of the Q-Lac so there is just a little bit of 'soft/wet' Q-Lac on the cloth.
  3. Rub evenly and smoothly on a small area of the wood, up and down, turning the cue as you go, until you feel the cloth start to drag slightly.
  4. Move quickly, do not linger in one area, and make sure you rub it out over the entire area you are working on so that you do not leave any excess Q-Lac in the form of ridges or clumps at the top of your strokes because it will be very hard to remove later.
  5. Repeat this until you have covered the whole area you want to shine.
  6. If you continue past the stage of the cloth dragging, you will see a shine to start to develop. That is fine, in fact you can keep rubbing until the shine fully develops, but it is easier to stop when the cloth starts to drag and use a new clean cloth, as in the final step below, to bring out the shine and fully remove any excess Q-Lac on the surface.
  7. Buff with a new clean cloth until the cue feels super smooth and there is an even shine all over.


  • Do Not load up the cloth with Q-Lac, it will make the cue sticky and you will struggle to remove it.
  • The secret to achieving a high gloss shine is to work in small areas and only use a very small amount of Q-Lac on the cloth.

If the cue feels slightly sticky, leave it for a few minutes and buff again. If it still feels a bit sticky then you have probably applied too much and it must be fully removed before you try again. This time, use less and really rub it in.

If you can't get the wood to shine then you are either applying too much, or there may be some residue of other finish that is affecting it, or the wood has not been sanded well enough. Which means it must be sanded right back through the grades so that the surface is as smooth and clean as possible. Then apply MW Q-Gel, maybe 2-3 times if you feel the wood needs it, and allow to dry fully for at least 24 hours before applying Q-Lac


  • Q-Lac starts to dry out when in contact with air so keep the lid tightly closed when not in use to prevent the surface drying out too much.
  • When the surface is firm, you will only need to touch/rub it very lightly to soften it, but if you rub too much it will start to become liquid. However, that is okay too because it works whether it is wet or dry. Just leave it open until it dries out a bit and 'hardens' enough so it won't pour out if it gets knocked over. Or just put the lid on and put it away safely.
  • Also, even when the surface appears hard or very dried out, once you start rubbing it with your finger, it will likely soften up enough to still be good to use.
  • So, try to keep it from drying out too much, because it's just easier/better that way. But it will work great, whether it is very wet or dry. Unless it is completely bone dry of course, at which point you should probably buy some more because it really is a rather fantastic product...


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    Does exactly as it claims. Use a tiny amount and rub it in well, buff and admire the shine. Nice one Mike


    This product is superb. I have wasted a lot of time, money and effort using many different oils and waxes attempting to restore my cue butt to brand new condition. Nothing has worked......until now. Only a tiny amount of Q Lac produces exactly the finish I need. Great work Mike. Many thanks.


    This is so easy to use, effortless, the finish is first class.


    Tried everything over the years but this stuff is very good, lovely finishing for cue butt\'s.

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